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I’m Curtis Sinclair, a London-based hypnotherapist.

I offer a specialised hypnosis and hypnotherapy service focused on completely eliminating problematic habits, behaviours, thoughts or feelings from people’s lives.

Start the process today and begin responding to situations in a more positive, healthy, and confident way.

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Free yourself of those unwanted habits, behaviours, thoughts, or feelings

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I look forward to speaking soon, Curtis Sinclair DHP BSc MSc GHR MBPsS

What previous clients have said

“After just one session I no longer cough as much or, even better, to the point of gagging. Curtis was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I cannot thank you enough for improving my life.” JS, Essex.

“I am now more present and confident in my day to day life, which I am surprised about after just one session. Thank you for helping me to get a better understanding of why I have been feeling the way I have. I now feel better able to move forward.” MP, London. 

“Brilliant sessions, I was able to discover how I developed a life-long phobia with regression technique and cured it in 2 quick sessions. I would highly recommend Curtis. He uses good regression and hypnoanalysis techniques to get to the root cause of the problem and eliminate it permanently. I am now able to go out without any fears” PT, London.